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Techie.com Kicks Off Trade Show Series for Emerging Tech with “ESCape to the Midwest” Plus One Word Domain Competition!

Inaugural show in South Bend, Ind. to highlight high-tech innovation from unexpected places.
South Bend, IN (PRWEB) June 11, 2013

Techie.com, an online magazine and destination for emerging technology and disruptive trends, announced today the first of a series of exhibitions designed to highlight some of the most exciting high-tech entrepreneurial ventures coming from throughout the Midwest.

The first-of-its-kind emerging technology trade show and conference recognizes that much of the technology that will be shaping the world in the next decade will be coming from unexpected places outside the mainstream tech centers. The trend was first highlighted in techie.com’s “Ten most unexpected tech hubs” list published in April 2013.

“The next wave of innovation is coming from the Midwest,” said techie.com editor-in-chief Dan Blacharski. “The Internet and more recently cloud based computing has had a democratizing effect on the startup community, barriers to entry have been lowered, and innovators from cities like South Bend, Detroit, Chattanooga, and Des Moines are taking the baton from Silicon Valley in bringing about what we’ve termed the ‘dot cloud boom.’ We are at the beginning of a major techno-social revolution, which is changing how businesses operate, how people play, and even changing the very definition of what a ‘company’ and a ‘job’ really is. The companies, speakers, and special events at ESCape to the Midwest are the movers and shakers that are already making this shift happen.”

The event, which will be held in South Bend on Saturday, October 26, will feature up to 100 exhibitors; a meet-a-thon for getting face-to-face time with VCs, business accelerators, and key enablers; a pitch-off to let promising tech startups from the area present their ideas to the crowd for immediate feedback; and an “Idea to Revenue” presentation that culminates SaaS Maker’s “PaaS Challenge” competition. PaaS Challenge is designed to encourage users to take advantage of SaaS Maker’s powerful platform-as-a-service, which gives entrepreneurs all the tools they need to create, deploy, and sell their as-a-service apps.

Also featured at the event is the World Accelerator/Techie.com “One Word Domain” competition. World Accelerator, a business incubator with a unique value, offers its portfolio companies seed funding, mentorship, and connections, as well as access to one of their highly brandable, one-word domains, including alumni.com, diploma.com, or fashionstore.com.

“We recognize that tomorrow’s greatest innovations are going to come from companies in their early growth stages or even startups that nobody has ever heard of yet,” added Blacharski. “Many of these companies don’t have funding, and we’re pleased to encourage them as much as possible. With that in mind, we’re also announcing our ‘Startup Exhibitor Special’ for those startups that want to take part in conferences like this one, but don’t have the funding for a booth. We’re offering a limited number of affordable, discounted booths for qualified, unfunded startups.”

The first of the series will be held in South Bend, Indiana, on October 26, 2013. A second event is being planned for the spring in Chattanooga, Tennessee, followed by events in other emerging tech hubs throughout the country. Tickets for the South Bend event on October 26 are $25 and are available at http://escapetothemidwest.eventbrite.com. Free tickets are available to attendees registering by July 1, 2013. There are a limited number of the free tickets so act fast. To get your free ticket click the event (http://escapetothemidwest.eventbrite.com) now and use the promotional code “SBTechie”.

To register for exhibition booth space, or for more information, please visit http://www.techie.com/conference.

About techie.comTechie.com is an online destination that covers emerging technology and disruptive trends. Headquartered in the emerging tech hub of South Bend, Indiana, Techie.com aims to produce and present meaningful, enlightening, inspiring, engaging, and entertaining content appealing to a broad cross-section of technology enthusiasts. Led by Dan Blacharski – an IT industry veteran, an entrepreneur, and an author on Cloud Computing – Techie.com is one of the first participants in the new World Accelerator, a dynamic, domain-driven business accelerator that is a function of World Media Group. To learn more, visit http://techie.com/.

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