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Telenovela.com sold for $14,055

Today: What value metrics should I look for? / Earning from domain parking / The Appraisal Of AppartmentRoom.com / and more…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Buying Single-Dictionary-Word TOP DOMAIN – Budget: Up to $10,000.00 – Be sure to check your domain name portfolio for one of these single-dictionary-word .com domains that this buyer needs. This could be an opportunity at some fast reinvestment capital.

Meta Related Names Wanted – Budget: Up to $250.00 – Are you holding any of these meta related domains that this buyer has outlined in their specific criteria? If so, this could be an opportunity to liquidate.

The Appraisal Of AppartmentRoom.com – That’s an interesting looking thirteen-letter, two-word, .com domain, but is it good enough to have some liquid value in today’s market? What would you appraise it for?

Earning from domain parking – Have you ever or do you currently use domain parking as a way to generate revenue from your domain names? Share some of your experience and check out what other domain investors are talking about when it comes to domain parking.

What value metrics should I look for? – When it comes to researching domain names and calculating different metrics to establish value or demand, which ones are the best to use? Take a look at what some domain investors are saying and share your experience too.

Telenovela.com sold for $14,055 – That’s not a bad domain name sales report for a ten-letter, brandable, pronounceable, .com domain for five-figures. Do you think it should have sold for more or less than what it sold for?

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