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The best way to sell UK domains

Today: The cost to start a ccTLD extension / Pricing trends for 6N.com and others / What happens after a domain expires / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

Google is slow to index my .website domain – Has anyone else had a hard time getting their developed .website domains to be indexed in Google search? Does it take longer or is Google not recognizing the extension?

Domain/Email/Website Security…A Must!!! – Yet another attempt to steal/hack someone’s password and compromise their domain assets. Be sure that you beef up your security, change your passwords, and update to the latest software versions.

OKPI.net – Four letter .net gTLDs are a little liquid, but not by much. What would you appraise OKPI.net for in today’s markets?

What happens after a domain expires – Does anyone care to share the domain drop cycle of domain names with this newer investor?

Pricing trends for 6N.com and others – Are niche six digit numeric domain names really increasing in value? Check out the stats and share some of your own research to see how accurate this is.

The cost to start a ccTLD extension – Have you ever wondered what it costs to get a new ccTLD extension started and off the ground? If you have some inside information, please share it with people interested in starting a new ccTLD extension.

The best way to sell UK domains – Are you a .ukinvestor and have a strategy that works outlines when it comes to selling them? If so, be sure to pitch in withe your wisdom and help some of the newer .uk investors understand how it’s done.

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