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The Dark Side of Domaining. Scammers.

CNN just posted a story about many of the domain names registered before and after Hurricane Sandy are mostly scam sites. This is horrible. This is really sad news for the people who need donations and the people who make them. I hope people are checking where their money is going. I suggest you check the BBB site first before you donate. Unless it is a reputable donation site like the American Red Cross. I can say that I know people on the ground including my cousin , my aunt and other family members are using social media to help people in need. I have donated $100 to this cause. My cousin is using social media to help and support local families in need in the Babylon/North Babylon/Lindenhurst and other affected areas along the South Shore of LI.

All of these towns are on the South Shore of Long Island. Matter a fact I grew up in North Babylon and Sayville NY which were really affected by this storm. I have included the link to the group that she and some other people made on Facebook that is showing what is going on there. It is also showing legitimate sites that are helping with the recovery there. Here is the Facebook group. Almost 500 likes already.


I hope the FBI and other authorities catch these guys and give them the harshest punishment that law will allow. These domains and scammers stop other people from trying to donate to legitimate sites thus hurting the people who are in real need right now. I am not asking you to donate anything but merely trying to say these guys are still struggling and I am sure if we were in this situation we would welcome all of the help.

So shame on these domainers and I don’t even want to call them that. They are scammers and there are too many out there. They need to be taken down one at a time, but its difficult proving who they are. As the CNN story says one of the donation sites linking Sandy to the damage it caused on the island of Jamaica popped up as news accounts reported the growing intensity of the storm. The site urged people to donate and linked any would be donors to a Pay Pal account. CNN tracked down the registry to an individual in North Carolina.

Taken from CNN.com:

Indiegogo, an international crowd funding site, has more than 32 pages of pleas for cash donations from Sandy victims. One woman wrote that she needed money because “We left the city and headed south towards family in Pennsylvania. We were finally let back into Salem and our home was destroyed.” They cannot find out for sure these are real people in need.

I have just added the link to the CNN story. Stay informed.


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