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The easiest way to convince end users to say, yes!

Today: Domain investor scam prevention / 360.tv sold for $6,896! / Listy.com Sold for $13,888 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

[dictionary word] .info floor values – Not all dictionary words are created equal, so I think it’s impossible to put a blanket floor value on every dictionary word .info. What do you think?

Need urgent help regarding outbound inquiry – What would you do in this situation where the owner of the hyphenated version of a domain wants your unhyphenated version?

MonetarySupport.com – Is this a thing? Maybe a monetization consultancy? In today’s markets, how much do you think a domain asset like this one is worth?

360.tv sold for $6,896! – Yet another four digit .tv ccTLD sales report. You have to love the consistency of these four-digit .tv sales happening.

Domain investor scam prevention – What are the best ways you have found to avoid being scammed? Share your notes with other like-minded investors.

Listy.com Sold for $13,888 – Now here’s a nice five digit domain name sales report to get you motivated and your blood pumping.

The easiest way to convince end users to say, yes! – What strategies are you using successfully? Do you have a single strategy that works the best consistently? Compare notes with others to see whose strategy is the best.

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