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The pros and cons of using a unique email for domain investing

Today: “.market” and “.cloud” investment potential / 50,000+ organic searches – Invest or pass? / .social domain showcase / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

Is it legal to use “UnitedStates” in a domain name? – Is this a federal Trademark? How does one get away with reselling an asset like this? Or does this fall in the gray area and has no regulation or protection?

Learning about Domain Parking – Are you an experience domain asset parker? Have you had a lot of success with it? if so, please share some of your knowledge with some of the newer investors looking to stake a claim in the domain parking world.

Ailandia.com – Do domain name assets like Ailandia.com have any value at all in today’s industry markets? Is that even a real surname or is it a made-up word for a brand to build on?

.social domain showcase – Share your new gTLD .social domain investments here and brag about the premium domain asset you own. Check out what other investors are scooping up to see if maybe you overlooked a potential investment niche you might like.

“.market” and “.cloud” investment potential – are you investing in the .market or .cloud new gTLDs as an investment yet? If so, please share some of your research data with other like-minded investors and check out what they are doing with their investments.

50,000+ organic searches – Invest or pass? – If the only value factor you see on an available asset is 50,000+ organic searches, is it worth investing into or is organic search not relevant when it comes to value in a domain asset?

The pros and cons of using a unique email for domain investing – Do you use the same or generic free email for all your online business or do you use different ones? How beneficial can it be to use a unique and professional email for your domain investing business?

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