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“The Tree I See” Children’s iPhone/iPad story book. 100% of the sales goes to Autism Speaks through the month of June.

We recently did a story about one of my best friends iPhone/iPad app “The Tree I See.” We posted it on Memorial Day letting you know it was available for free for Memorial Day commemorating our fallen heroes. Robert has now extended 100% of the sales of this app to Autism Speaks until the end of June.

Robert also told me that they had received over 1000 downloads on Memorial Day and gave his thanks for us posting the blog. He mentioned that many of the downloads came from my readers. I wanted to thank my readers and also congratulate him for what he is doing. These days you do not find many people willing to donate 100% of their profits to charities.

Here is the link to the charity that Robert is giving 100% of the proceeds through the month of June too. This is a great casue and I ask if you have kids or know someone that does to recommend this storybook to them. Its for a great cause!


Below I have added some new information about this wonderful app that help kids learn many different skills using the iPhone or iPad.

Children are loving the STORYBOOK APP about a Tree who shares with animals of the wilderness. Please SPREAD THE WORD ! Our children’s storybook APP is giving 100% of net proceeds to AUSTISM SPEAKS – in May and June – THE TREE I SEE – available at the APPstore – Enjoy and thanks again –

THE TREE I SEE : Learn about a LOVING TREE, a moral, a life skill lesson, and about elements that help build a childs ‘working memory’
as toddlers learn to read.


Contribution Goals : 100% of the proceeds for Autism Speaks

Target Age Range:

Age range is ages 2-8. As parents read regular books to children, this APP can be read to children at any age. Our APP storybook reads to toddlers via its auto-play feature and guides them through the reading of the book.

1) This storybook offers a ‘Dora the Explorer’ Approach – read in the 1st person. As the book reads directly from the beginning, the ‘tablet device’ calls out directly to the reader “Do you see the Tree I See?”
This establishes a direct line of communication between storybook and reader, maintaining the focus of the child, as most Nick Jr. and Disney TV shows are now doing.

2) Maintaining an illustrative theme (The Tree) grounds the reader.
With the turn of every page a new character is introduced and allows each child to build upon what has already been discovered or viewed in past pages. This helps with the development of a ‘working memory’ as a child reads. In this sense this book can be utilized for toddlers with normal development, but also has benefits to assist those with ADHD and other cognitive delays or difficulties.

3) Major benefit for all of us with or without normal cognitive development or not is how to share and build friendships through sharing. This is an important Life Skill all of us could use on this planet.

4) A Moral : All of us will encounter a dark moment during our lifetime, but it is important to remember that loved ones will remain nearby in our hearts, minds, and memories, whether visible or invisible. As the light shines through, we realize that our loved ones will never leave us and stay by our side through any difficult time we may encounter. The story illustrates this valuable life lesson as the main character forms friendships with animals of the wilderness.


We both thank you for helping make this world a better place.

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