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The Tree I See Interactive Story for the iPhone and iPad. 100% of proceeds is donated to Autism Speaks.

One of my good friends has created an educational iPhone, iPad app that is an interactive story for children. I have decided to help him spread the word about this awesome app! I have a 4 year old son that loves it. He has been interacting with it and it really does have great results. I recommend this interactive story for children of all ages. Rob great job! We all hope to see more interactive stories to come in the near future


FREE! This Memorial Day to Honor our Men and Women in the Armed Services who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Share this storybook APP with your children and teach the importance of giving,sharing, and friendship this Memorial Day.

5 Star storybook APP! A young boy bears witness to a tree who constantly gives and shares unconditionally with friends of the wilderness. Your child will learn how friendships are formed by sharing with others. Observe how our young tree overcomes a dark moment in his life and transforms into a brilliant, vibrant, multicolored tree – full of life and happiness. Our story is for toddlers and children of all ages – offering an interactive experience for all.

Moral of the Story : All of us will encounter a dark moment during our lifetime, but it is important to remember that loved ones will remain nearby in our hearts, minds, and memories, whether visible or invisible. As the light shines through, we realize that our loved ones will never leave us and stay by our side through any difficult time we may encounter.


ANI-MOTION – constant animation and motion, creating a true living storybook experience.

BUILDING BLOCKS – Learn about our flying friends and what is needed to build a home.

MUSIC INTERPLAY – Each page adds a new musical component, offering a dynamic chorus.



Sharing your review will help increase Autism Awareness and support for Autism Organizations and families across the world. 100% of Net proceeds will be given to Autism Speaks during the 1st month of our Launch. 10% will continue to be given thereafter to demonstrate our continued support for Autism Speaks.

Contact us: For any technical issues please email our support team so we can help you right away.


Author & Director: Robert J Mascarelli

Illustrations: Frank Grau Jr.

Animation: Frank Ayars

Original Score: Julian Cisneros

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