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The truth about domain infatuation

Today: What to do when a potential buyer settles for an alternate TLD / Trademark advise / TRO.tv sold for $2,500 / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

Ziiv.com & Ziiu.com each sold for $305 – Do you think the buyer of these two domain names paid too much or did they get a great deal?

Spanish broker needed – Are you bi-lingual and fluent in both English and Spanish? Are you a freelance or licensed domain asset broker? If so, maybe you can help this investor.

$6500 Offer within 24hr. of Domain Purchase – That was fast! Have you ever received an offer within 24 hours from the time you registered a domain name? Was it legitimate or was it a scam attempt?

TRO.tv sold for $2,500 – Wow! Nice! I just love seeing .tv ccTLD sales reports in today’s competitive markets.  They don’t seem to have been phased at all by all the new gTLDs that flooded the markets.

Trademark advise – Are you on the legal side of trademarks and intellectual property? If you have a few minutes, please see if you can assist this investor with their inquiries.

What to do when a potential buyer settles for an alternate TLD – Have you ever run into this problem? How did you get the potential buyer interested in your domain again after they suggested it would be cheaper to just get the same name in another extension?

The truth about domain infatuation – Are you infatuated with domain names? Are you being drawn back to marketplaces to place bids out of infatuation? Does domain infatuation help or hurt your return on investments?

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