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Tips for Keyword Research for Local Search Marketing

Portland, Maine (PRWEB) August 21, 2013

Coming out on top with local search marketing for a local business requires a variety of tactics, but pretty much everything is based off of effective keyword research. Keyword research starts in the earliest stages of planning a website, as it will have an effect everything from the choice of navigation menus of the site to the domain name, meta information, and website content. By doing the right kind of research, one can tell not only what keywords are being searched, but who is searching for them, how, and even when. My Local Leads assists local businesses throughout the United States with online marketing planning and execution. Learning how to master these keyword research techniques will help local businesses to grow their online reach and improve online lead generation results.

First, keyword research starts with basic brainstorming. Business owners often forget this process, just aiming for the first three or four keywords that pop into their heads. Take time and develop a big list, though. That will give the business owner a starting point for more in depth keyword research, which investigates the popularity and competition for each of those. From there, the local business can aim for the five to ten most appealing keyword or key phrases to help improve their site’s reach. During the keyword research, new keywords will come about. Write those down. Over time, the business should be continuing to do this keyword research somewhat regularly and adding new keywords to their list of targeted keywords.

Next, besides just looking at keywords that appear to have a lot of searches, those looking to improve search engine optimization efforts need to review the trends for that keyword. Investigating trends will show whether particular keywords have been popular over months or years or rather there is some sudden spike or drop in the popularity of the search term. This can also be used to determine seasonal peaks and further breakdown trends by geographic location.

Another missed opportunity for many local businesses is taking the time to research keywords through social media networks. This is an important step, which shows what people are saying about the business, brand, service, etc. It might also provide you some keywords or key items to add into content, as people from outside the industry might speak about the services and goods provided by a company in different ways.

It is also quite important to review competition when it comes to keyword research. There are a number of ways this can be done. Doing a search for those keywords through different search engines will give an idea of who the biggest competitors are and what kind of information is already available. Setting new alerts through search engines will help, because it allows business owners to see topics that have the potential to become popular if even only for a short while, which can provide fodder for temporary content generation. Take notes on the first three sites that come up first for the keywords the business is targeting, see what they have done and how. There are also premium tools that can be used to run a number of metrics on competitor websites that can help in giving the business a bit of boost with online marketing campaigns.

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