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TLD involvement in search results

Today: No whois and its effects on sales / Suitors.com Sold for $5,001 / Analysis of reported ngTLD sales / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

StudioPhi.com sold for $24,888 – I wouldn’t have guessed StudioPhi.com would have sold for five figures, let alone $24,888.00. Where is the value coming from do you think?

Respond, or make them wait? – What would you do in this situation? Would you make the potential buyer wait a while before replying or reply immediately?

V.builders – What would you value a single letter .builders new gTLD at? Most single letter extensions have a floor value of $500 minimum, but what about .builders?

Analysis of reported ngTLD sales – If you are investing in new gTLDs, you’ll want to check out the latest ngTLD sales analysis.

Suitors.com Sold for $5,001 – I would have thought suiters.com would have sold for more than $5,000.00. Why do you think it didn’t generate more interest?

No whois and its effects on sales – How will the new whois policy affect your domain reselling and investing business? Will it help or hurt your bottom line?

TLD involvement in search results – Do you have any research on how search engine handle all the different TLD extensions when ranking them? Share your research with others and compare notes.

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