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TNTNames.com Domain Marketplace is Live!

Thank you for visiting TNTNames.com! We have alot of exciting things going on! I am sure you saw that I am now Brokering domains for domain owners! I have also listed my top domains that I own in the TNTNames.com Marketplace! You can check it out here: http://www.tntnames.com/domain-marketplace. If you look to the left side of TNTNames.com you will see that there are domain categories listed. If you are looking for a particular category you can just click it and all of my domain pertaining to that category is listed. Most domains are listed as make an offer. Just click the link and fill out the form and I will be replying withing 24 hours.

At the top of the Category list is Brokerage. That is where all of the domains that I am Brokering will be. You can also find my Brokered domains here: http://www.tntnames.com/category/brokerage. If you would like me to Broker your domains please fill out the form here: http://www.tntnames.com/submit-domains Here you can submit your domain for Brokerage!

Thank you everyone for checking TNTNames out! Also Be on the lookout for a post requesting CHIPS and other domains on Monday. I have recently connected with a big time Domain Investor and they are wanting to use TNTNames.com to buy more domains! Keep an eye out!

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