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TNTnames.com Exclusive! Interview with Domainer George Verdugo!

I got an awesome opportunity to chat with George Verdugo last night and today and was able to put together an interview that will give us all a better idea how he tapped into the Latin market and how successful he has become with CasasBaratas.com which means Cheap Houses in English and his other start ups. I want to thank George for agreeing to make this a TNTNames.com exclusive! Lets get started!

David Eccles: How many domain names to you own?
George Verdugo: I own 1000 domain names

David Eccles: How long have you been Domaining? What got you into Domaining?
George Verdugo: I have been domaining for 9 years and the reason I got into it is because I saw the global impact on a business and how everyone can see your product.

David Eccles: What is your biggest domain sale? Do you sell often or do you purchase domains to develop?
George Verdugo: Thanks David, That’s a great question, however all off my sales are kept confidential in nature. What I would say, is that I receive multiple offers for my domain names, which do not rise to the level to the value of the name. I do respond to any and all offers with a generic email politely stating thank you for your offer but due to the low offer its unacceptable at this time, please submit an offer that is reasonable. Like I do say to everyone is that I will entertain any reasonable offer that comes to the table.

David Eccles: CasasBaratas.com has a well done design, how were you able to corner the Latino market and what are your future plans with CasasBaratas.com?
George Verdugo: Yes, CasasBaratas.com is doing very well and the Design is a WordPress with every Latin Country have their own site. I was able to corner the Latin market because no one else was tapping into it on a global scale. My future plans is to make CasasBaratas.com a successful business entity that will attract investors from all over the world!

David Eccles: You also mentioned you were acquiring a big domain name very soon, said you made a big offer for it, Can you elaborate on that at all, if not I understand especially if the deal hasn’t been finalized.
George Verdugo: I am always looking for Domain names That have strong fellowship and capitalizing on Niche markets. And by saying this because this big Global domain name is special and would not disclose until purchase!

David Eccles: Do you domain full time or do you have other venture’s you are into?
George Verdugo: Yes I have been domaining for 9 years now and I love it and will never trade this for anything! I love Domaining!

David Eccles: I know you own Clean.biz, what are your current and future plans with that web property?
George Verdugo: My future plans for Clean.biz is to revamp the site because it look cheesy and then go after the Janitorial market and also maybe do a private line of cleaning products to complement the janitorial market I also own RestRooms.co and also looking into the niche market of cleaning restrooms for office and restaurants.

David Eccles: What is your current business model for VisitSpace.com? Are you looking for investors? Did you purchase the domain in the aftermarket or hand register the domain?
George Verdugo: My business Model for VisitSpace.com is tap in to this future Niche market for space travel. I want to be #1 in the world for space travel , Space Hotels, Space tours, and Space wedding etc etc . Also will be launching WoOHOo.Travel so anyone who can afford to fly to space can book hotels, Cruises , Flights and also BookingWire.com will also target discounted hotel rates world wide!! I purchased VisitSpace from a private party!. Yes I am looking for investors for VisitSpace.com

I want to thank George for taking the time to answer these questions! I want to also wish George the best of luck with all of his awesome ventures! Kevin Faler which is George’s exclusive Domain Broker has confirmed to me with the permission of George that recently he received an offer of $400,000 for CasasBaratas.com from an investor but George respectively declined the offer due to this particular domain being his bread and butter. Kevin also mentioned that George will not entertain any offers below $25 Million Dollars. For example ForSaleByOwner.com sold for $25 million dollars bough by the Chicago Tribune.

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