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TNTnames.com Roller Coaster ride with Godaddy Hosting this week.

You may have noticed some 503 errors that have been plaguing TNTnames.com for about a week. 503 errors means there are too many database connections (Over godaddy’s limit and my current hosting plans limit). It mostly happens during down hours (After 12am at night) but has been persistent in the last few days. Well I have called Godaddy 3 times and they were saying something within the site was wrong. Well I got a hold of Tia Wood and she didn’t find anything wrong. Well today TNTnames.com has been down most of the day. I called Godaddy yet again and now they have finally admitted that there is something wrong with their database servers and this is not just affecting TNT its affecting a number of other customers. Now I am still happy with godaddy’s hosting but all I ask is that they notify their customers that are having issues. I shouldn’t have to call 3 or 4 times to find out its an issue on their end for the last week.

I just wanted to take the time to apologize to all of my readers. Also to my web designer Tia Wood for having to waste time looking for an issue that just wasn’t there. I believe Godaddy owes all of us an apology. They have assured me the problem will be fixed right away. It seems two hours after I called that the site is back up. This has been my first issue with godaddy hosting since I have been with them for the last year. If these database servers are giving you guys issues the least Godaddy Hosting should do is notify their customers and apologize for the issues they are having.

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