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TNTNames Weekly .CO Spotlight! – Lead.co

Welcome to TNTnames.com weekly .CO Spotlight! This week I am featuring Lead.co! I want to thank Chris Harper the COO for participating in TNTnames.com Weekly .CO Spotlight! Lead.co specializes in generating Insurance leads. I am currently working on setting up CarInsuranceDiscounts.org with Lead.co’s Affiliate platform. I have added a site bio for Lead.co below. You will also find an interview I recently conducted with Chris Harper the COO for Lead.co below!

About The Lead Company

Located proudly in Grand Rapids, Michigan


Since 1999, The Lead Company has offered a 100% free referral service to consumers in search of auto, home, life and health insurance. We strive to connect consumers with the perfect insurance agent or company. Through our quality screening process, consumers searching for quotes online are delivered in real-time to local agents specializing in the exact needs of the individual.

As a company, our primary goal is to focus on consumer experience. We do this through an innovative approach that connects the consumer with an insurance professional in real-time. The insurance agent or company can then quickly and effectively satisfy the consumer’s needs. Our technical innovation and stand-alone approach to all aspects of the industry makes the quoting process easy for all parties involved.

The Lead Company is built upon a platform that always puts the customer first. We understand our products are rendered useless if it loses it’s focus on the customer. It has been this strategy that has added value to our business and allows for a positive experience for those with whom we work with.

Our innovation in the insurance industry has allowed us to help thousands of consumers connect with insurance agents in their hometowns, allowing them to compare their current insurance to what is available, effectively saving time, money and creating piece of mind. At the same time, those same innovations have allowed agents to add another first-class policy to their book of business.

In order to provide the highest quality leads, we have taken the road less traveled. It was that decision that made The Lead Company stand-alone in our industry. By living out our core values every day, we provide access to quality insurance agents for consumers and empower our partners, agents and affiliates to grow.

1. Why did you guys decide on a .co for your business?

We previously ran on
leadco.com but we are always trying to be as efficient as possible, it’s somewhat a mantra for our business. As such, lead.co seemed like the right fit for us, especially because of the name of our business. The opportunity to have a high-level domain like lead.co was too good to pass up and as such we capitalized on the opportunity and acquired the domain name through .co Internet SAS.

2. How long has Lead.co been up and running?

Looks like GoDaddy confirmed the transfer to us on 5/1/12.

3. Did you buy this domain through an aftermarket service or was this domain hand registered?

We worked directly with .co Internet SAS to acquire the domain name. It was a Premium Domain through them, and we worked directly with their staff to purchase and acquire the domain.

4. Does Lead.co have a way for affiliates to join in?

Prospective affiliates can read about our affiliate program online by visiting http://www.lead.co/resources/affiliates/.

5. What did you think about the .CO Superbowl commercial?

Though the ad was creative, unfortunately I don’t necessarily support the call to action because I think it encourages domain squatting, lots of domain purchases for the potential to be used but ultimately little use of the purchased domains, which makes it difficult for the next person in line with another similar idea but a way to execute, to actually get the domain that they require for their purposes. Just my $0.02.

6. How is the traffic to Lead.co?

Traffic to the site is modest, we’re going to be optimizing the site for more organic search rankings soon which will hopefully drive more traffic. Haven’t noticed any spikes of traffic to the site as a result of being associated with .co.

I want to thank Chris Harper and the Lead.co team for participating in the TNTNames.com Weekly .CO spotlight! I wish them the best of luck in their business! Stay tuned for more weekly spotlights and exciting news ahead!

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