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TNTNames Weekly .CO Spotlight! NewYorkEvents.co!

Welcome to TNTnames.com weekly .CO Spotlight! This week I am featuring a great site called NewYorkEvents.co! I want to thank Michael & Nick for participating in TNTnames.com Weekly .CO Spotlight! I grew up in New York and love it there, I use NewYorkEvents.co to check out whats going on in New York! Hopefully I can get back to visit soon! First lets get the the site bio and then learn a little about NewYorkEvents.co through my interview!

NEWYORKEVENTS.CO is a web property of nuSQUARE, a digital marketing and media company. The New York Events project strives to collaborate with event organizers to share places to go, things to do and local event listings in and around New York City. The events we cover include Broadway shows and theater, free events, latest restaurant openings and foodie events, nightlife, shopping, sports and more. These events allow us to connect with a broad audience in the New York metropolitan area.

Our easy-to-navigate website brings you 3 daily events representing a wide range of activities in and around New York City. We do the search for you (for free). New York Events was founded with a focus and mission on quality and service, and we require the same standards for our content-partners and their events.

New York Events has limited the events on our website to those we feel represent what you’re looking for; each event listed on NEWYORKEVENTS.CO is selectively chosen on a daily basis to provide you with information regarding the events you’re interested in attending.

For more information regarding partnership opportunities and/or to see our media kit, please contact us at info@newyorkevents.co.

Below is a interview I recently conducted with Michael & Nick from NewYorkEvents.co!

1. Why did you guys decide on a .co for your business?

We chose to go with a .co for a few reasons. We like the shorter extension for starters; even though it’s only one character shorter, it is less for the visitor to type. We also noticed many startups gravitating towards the .co extension, larger organizations creating extensions of their brand on .cos and companies re-branding under .co. As a result, it seemed like the right extension for us to launch our project on. Finally, we were able to secure the exact domain name that we wanted without going to the aftermarket.

2. How long has NewYorkEvents.co been up and running?

The New York Events project was born in late 2011. We originally launched with a very different look and feel and while we appreciated and learned a ton from our original layout, we knew that in order to grow, we would need a change. Towards the end of the summer of 2012, we re-branded and notice that people now identify our brand with our logo and color scheme.

Furthermore, the theme is more user centric and lays out our “Featured Events” in a more concise and consolidated layout than we previously had. We also implemented an events calendar which is located on the right hand side of the site. This feature allows people to simply scroll over particular dates to see the events being listed by our users. This feature gives more exposure to the events being listed and gets people clicking to see what’s going on now and enables them to make plans to attend an event in the future.

3. Did you buy this domain through an aftermarket service or was this domain hand registered?

As discussed earlier, we were fortunate enough to have hand registered this domain and operate on the exact domain that we were looking for, when launching this project. We also hand registered NYEvents.co at the same time. Additionally, we were able to secure some more domains for projects we hope to launch in the future, found at the bottom of the NewYorkEvents.co homepage.

4. Are you or will you apply to be listed in the business directory of go.co?

We actually are members of Go.co and are listed in their business directory. We are working with them to get featured on the home page for more exposure and are excited to be listed with them. They seem to be a great place for exposure and for a solid business directory listing that is highly relevant to the .co space.

5. I saw that you have a hiring link on NewYorkEvents.co. Can you share with us what positions you have available.

Currently, we are looking for people in marketing and public relations in addition to our ongoing pursuit of editorial content writers who are TRUE New Yorkers.

6. What are your guys thoughts about the .CO Super Bowl Commercials?

We feel the godaddy commercials did what they needed to do, and thats more exposure to the industry as a whole and especially. Co. Given the cost of a 30 sec. Superbowl commercial, and the fact that Godaddy ran a second one, completely dedicated to. Co, thats a win! That means they are willing to invest in the. Co space and believe in it, like we do. The Bar Rafieli commercial was a bit strange, but thats what grabs peoples attention. So again, we’d say it was a success for GoDaddy and the industry overall.

**We welcome any cross promotion or networking opportunities for any .co,/.com or relevant startup or firm that feels they can offer a mutually beneficial working relationship. This is how we grow as a community and as a website. Dave, we want to thank you sincerely for the opportunity to be featured on your site and for giving us the opportunity to share our project with your visitors. We are extremely excited about 2013 for New York Events and strive to meet our goals of being New York’s daily source of events!

Best regards,

Michael & Nick


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