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TopNames.org, The All New Smart Domaining Service!

I have recently come across a tool that will benefit most domainers out there. We are always looking for tools that make life easier for us and I can say that the guys over at TopNames.org have hit it right no the button!Topnames.org is a domain name research company, that specializes in producing domain drops and specialized tools to classify domain names for investors and SEO professionals. I love TopNames.org’s End User Finder tool. I put in a domain name and a keyword and it spits out end users. Each end user has their who is info so I just copy and paste the email and there goes my lead! I sent out oveer 500 emails this weekend using this tool, and it has cut my time in half!Great job guys!

I want to thank Mohammed Al-Asadi for creating such a great domain tool site! Mohammed explains: The main purpose of the whole service is to help Domainers to avoid making hard daily research in order to find valuable drops or potential end users for thier domain names. Also, one of the most powerful tools that we invented and built from scratch is “Domain Crawler”, there are unlimited ways how to use this tool, for example if you want to buy a domain and would like to check the other extensions, how many are registered, how many are developed, what kind of websites are there…etc, you just enter your domain and select all extensions then the tool will crawl your domain name across all major TLDs and ccTLDs and return with a detailed report.

TopNames.org’s Domain Record, which allows you to check domains’ histories in bulk to get its wayback data, DMOZ lists, and availability statuses for up to 6 TLDs. The Domain Crawler was actually invented by TopNames.org to check the status of a domain, so you’ll know if it’s parked, active, for sale, and so on. You can check up to 5000 domains per day! On top of that, it can detect more than fifty languages for website content. Don’t like looking at big lists of domains? The Domain Parsing tool provides tons of stats with easy sorting, including parsed words, dictionary words, keyword categories, keyword stats and so much more. Let us know what you think. Feel free to comment on your experience with TopNames.org! Enjoy!

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