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Touch.com for Sale with DomainAdvisors

Unique domain name provides instant Brand Recognition and Credibility

BOSTON, April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — DomainAdvisors, a leading broker of ultra-premium domain names, announced that Touch.com, is listed exclusively for sale with their firm. According to a recent article on branding by Forbes, “Your brand is what sets you apart from your competition in the minds of customers. Brand recognition is vital in securing business; a buyer can’t purchase your product if he can’t remember who you are or how to find you. The best companies are those whose brands are easy to remember and instantly recognizable.” With over 45 million Google searches each month, Touch offers an unprecedented branding opportunity that is highly marketable and easy to remember.

The term “Touch” encompasses many of the characteristics present in strong brand names including a positive connotation, short length, easy to spell and globally recognizable. Whether it’s to connect with someone, add your personal touch, or to control or react to what is displayed on a touchscreen, “Touch” elicits a response and can project a positive image as your brand. With the inventory for one-word premium .com domains becoming so scarce, domains like Touch.com will only appreciate in value over time affording built-in asset protection on the buyer’s upfront investment.

In addition to being used to reference some of today’s most popular hand-held products, “Touch” has been used in successful slogans (including the award winning “Reach out and touch someone” slogan launched by AT&T in 1979) and in the name of several apps ranging from a popular business app launched recently by Salesforce to a much more personal app just announced by condom manufacturer Durex Australia. “With the wide range of possibilities surrounding a domain like Touch.com, it will be exciting to see what direction the acquirer will take with this unique asset!” says Tessa Holcomb , CEO of DomainAdvisors. “It’s not often that a domain name of this caliber becomes available for sale, and we are honored to be representing Enflick in the Touch.com sale.”

For additional information or offer guidelines on Touch.com, please contact Brooke Hernandez directly at +1 508 689 9569, ext. 401 or Brooke@domainadvisors.com.

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