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Trove of Ultra-Premium and Rare Intellectual Assets; His.World and Her.World Along with Portfolio Finally Released for Tender from only £7,550,000 by Onebrand Ventures

Unique and rare opportunity to own some of the world’s rarest and ultra-premium intellectual assets (domain names) such as His.World and Her.World

Onebrand Ventures, owners of Onebrand Domains, http://www.onebrand.co, is now releasing its trove of unique and generic intellectual assets (domain names) that includes the Ultra-Premium and authoritative defining domains Investment.Ventures (http://www.investment.ventures), His.World (http://www.his.world) and Her.World (http://www.her.world). These domains are generic in nature, ultra-premium and very rare. Premium domain names provide a sense of authority and aids in easy brand recollection among the public.

Ultra-premium domain names are valuable online real estates, the equivalent of valuable real estates (properties) in areas such as Mayfair of London. Premium domains have been sold from six-figures range to millions of dollars. Hotels.com was sold for $11 million while another premium domain, 360.com was recently purchased at a reported price of USD $17 million. The domain Z.com alone, sold for JYP ‎¥800 mil (~USD $6.8 million) in 2014. Valuable and generic domain names are being sold on regular daily and monthly basis for substantial amount of sums. As the world moves towards a digital era, these premium domain names will be highly sort-after commodities and will only increase in value.

Onebrand Ventures is releasing its trove of ultra-premium domain names as part of a corporate re-structuring and is phrasing out the wing of the business that involves acquiring and developing these premium domain names. As part of the portfolio takeover, potential new owner will receive an Audemars Piguet MILLENARY 4101 exquisite timepiece and a hand-crafted, customized Tumi Astor Johnnie Walker Kit. Upon completion of takeover, the new owner will be invited to Singapore to complete the formalizing of transaction, all expenses covered. The starting price of this valuable intellectual portfolio starts at £7,550,000 with portfolio awarded to the most appropriate bidder.

The portfolio can be viewed at the http://www.onebrand.co. For more information with regards to the sale of portfolio, kindly establish mutual contact and understanding with us at hello@onebrand.co. For media related queries, contact Shaun. M at shaun.m@onebrand.co.

About Onebrand.co
Onebrand.co is the intellectual asset development spin-off of Onebrand Ventures. It acquires highly sought after intellectual assets and develop them into a functioning business. This business wing is being phased out as part of a company restructuring.

About Onebrand Ventures
Onebrand Ventures is a Singapore-based private investment firm that co-develops and/or invest in small and medium sized companies based in Singapore. With a more hands-on approach, it helps to develop the areas where businesses may be lacking in.

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