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Two owners, one domain

Today: Owning your own new gTLD extension / The .app extension will raise demand / Domain Spreadsheet vs Service / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Got brandables? I’m buying! – Be sure to check your domain portfolio for a brandable domain name that fits these buyers specified criteria.

I discovered a Sedo data breach – and they don’t seem to care – Umm, has anyone else had this experience? Is it true or just a bunch of hype? How would one replicate this to confirm it?

NamePros Reported Domain Sales – April 2018 – Wow! Some nice sales happening on NamePros. Do you list your domain names on NamePros for sale like those investors did?

Domain Spreadsheet vs Service – Which one works best for you when trying to track traffic and log leads? Do you have some advice for others looking to track this type of data?

Owning your own new gTLD extension – Have you ever wanted to own your own domain extension and curious about the process? Or maybe you already own one and have some great experience you could share with others.

The .app extension will raise demand – Are you a .app new gTLD investor? Share your experience and research with other like-minded .app investors and compare notes.

Two owners, one domain – This is an interesting story of a domain that appeared to have two owners making it hard to identify which owner was the real one. Have you ever ran into this type of situation?

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