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Underline.com sold for $17,550

Today: Sold a .com in five figures to an ISP. My first sale / Let us help you Invest into better domain assets / The floor value of LNNN.com’s / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

BIN VS Make An Offer – Do you think that selling via make offer or buy it now (BIN) works better when it comes to converting? Some domain investors have different opinions about this and think one works better than the other. Compare notes and check out what’s being said.

Token names wanted – Budget: Up to $1,000.00 – Are you holding any token related domain names in your portfolio that meets this buyers specified criteria? If so, this might be an opportunity to liquidate for some fast cash.

Registrars can influence domain investment more – There are some interesting talking points being made in this article that some may find interesting. How do you think registrars should help influence domain investing more than they already do?

Sold a .com in five figures to an ISP. My first sale – What do you guys think about this five-figure domain name sales report? If you need some motivation, this might help get your juices flowing.

Let us help you Invest into better domain assets – Do you have question for seasoned veteran domain name investors that could help you better your best? Take a moment to ask what you’ve always wanted about investing into domain names and check out what seasoned investors say.

The floor value of LNNN.com’s – Are you holding onto some letter + x3-number .com’s? What research have you done that keeps you renewing them every year hoping for a sales? Share your statistics and take a look at what other LNNN.com investors are saying.

Underline.com sold for $17,550 – That’s not a bad domain name sales report for a nine-letter, dictionary-word, .com for five-figures. Do you think it should have sold for more or less than what it sold for?

Today’s Marketplace/Auction Picks:

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