Sibername - Perfect solutions for your web presence

Sibername – Perfect solutions for your web presence

Starting March 13th, 2017, .TEL owners will have the option to select a third-party web-hosting company and build a regular website.

Sibername, Canadian Domain Name Registrar and Website Hosting company, reports that current .TEL domain name registrants who have built contact pages using the previous .TEL contact page building platform have until March 13th, 2017, to recreate their sites using the new platform.

The new and modernized Telhosting platform will be available starting on February 13th, 2017. Users will have a month to migrate their information (Feb. 13- Mar. 13). Sub-domains previously supported by the registry will no longer be supported.

Registrants will have the choice of recreating their sites using a new platform which will be made available starting February 13th, or by using third-party hosting services like we offer through our wesite hosting page.

Instructions to use the new and modernized Telhosting platform will be made available on February 13th, 2017. Telnic will not migrate any data to the new platform. Furthermore, the data privacy and search features will not be available in the new platform. It is the client’s responsibility to populate their domains before March 13th, 2017

A main policy change for .TEL domains in 2017 is that registrants will now be able to build new websites on their domains using third-party hosting companies from March 13th, 2017, onward.

About .TEL:

.TEL is the universally recognized web address for publishing contact details online and offer by the registry Telnic.

About SiberName:

SiberName is a Canadian registrar and web-hosting company located in Ottawa, Canada. Since 2000 SiberName has been providing Internet consulting services to a wide range of companies and individuals requiring the implementation and hosting of new technologies for their online presence. SiberName’s mission is to be the best host of Internet solutions that help increase the “online sustainability and mobility” of small businesses, individuals and re-sellers. support (at)