The Verified Top-Level Domains (vTLD) Consortium is an informal, voluntary association of registry operators that have established standards to determine eligibility for domain name registrants. vTLDs continue to gain attention in an age when consumers are more informed about online fraud associated with their personal, financial, and health information. Unlike generic TLDs (e.g., .COM or .NET), which anyone can obtain by simply paying a nominal fee, vTLD Consortium registry operators grant domain names only to applicants that undergo a verification process to establish that the applicant is a legitimate entity that is relevant to the specific vTLD.

The Consortium’s website,, was launched today to enhance public knowledge about the unique value of vTLDs as legitimate and trusted channels for products, services, and communications online. The Consortium defines a vTLD as a registry that requires credential verification prior to domain use, adherence to standards, and ongoing verification. vTLDs also must have the authority to inactivate domain names in the event that its vTLD registration policies are violated.

The vTLD Consortium is committed to advancing policies that promote consumer protection online. Members of the Consortium collaborate to improve universal awareness of the value of vTLDs, share best practices, and develop opportunities to work with public and private sector stakeholders on issues related to vTLDs, among other goals.

The Consortium was founded in May 2016 by eight members that are registry operators for 15 vTLDs for industries ranging from health care (.MED for Medistry and .PHARMACY for the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy®) to financial services (.SPREADBETTING and .CFD for Boston Ivy and .BANK and .INSURANCE for fTLD Registry Services). Dominion Domains (.AUTOS, .BOATS, .HOMES, .MOTORCYCLES, .YACHTS), NAREIT (.REIT), Public Interest Registry (.NGO, .ONG), and Second Generation, Ltd (.REALTOR) round out the remaining founding Consortium members.

Consortium membership is open to verified TLD registry operators approved by the Consortium’s founding members. Registrars and other vendors that provide services to vTLDs may join the Consortium as advisors upon approval by the founding members. Current advisors include EnCirca, FaegreBD Consulting, Valideus, and Employ Media (.JOBS). Please visit the vTLD Consortium website,, for additional details about the group’s mission and how to join.

The Verified Top-Level Domains (vTLD) Consortium was established in 2016 to promote the benefits of vTLD registries and enhanced trust for Internet users who access information, products and services on websites hosted on vTLDs. More information about the Consortium is available at