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Weekly .CO Spotlight: FARM.CO!

I want to thank Santiago Melluso and everyone at Farm.co for helping to make this happen! This is TNTNames.com first .CO Spotlight. I plan on getting at least one .CO spotlight out a week. All of the .CO spotlights will have a interview with the site owner(s) and a description of what the site offers. Ok so here we go!

Welcome to Farm.co

With a talented team of relentless experts and an unyielding passion for digital exquisiteness covering two continents and three time zones, what we do is no big thing.

It’s a million little things.

We wake up every morning craving to go and work on what we love and do best: Awesome digital designs and handcrafted strategies that work.

Our skills and experience are yours on demand. Friendship is – always – on the house.


Farm Culture

The way we see it.

We are a digital design and marketing studio specializing in new media and homegrown high-quality, no nonsense, gorgeous websites. Our farming technique is pretty straightforward: we grow ideas, and then we work really hard to make sure our work works.

Like magic, only it’s not. That doesn’t mean we don’t take our business seriously. Quite the contrary, we value honesty, reliability and innovation. We work for you as if it were our business and reputation on the line, because that’s just what it is. We stick to our policies and we’ll honor our written agreements built to protect your money, privacy, timeframes and deliverability, as well as our confidentiality. We do not sell, share or rent any information to anyone under no circumstance.

We’ll always defend fair pricing and we believe in going the extra web mile as a duty, not as a commercial edge.

But don’t take our word for it.

Drop us a line and see for yourself!

Interview with Santiago Melluso who is the Co-Founder CEO of FARM.co!

1. Why did you guys decide on a .co for your business?

Our previous name/domain was Creative Media Farm (CreativeMediaFarm.com, which now forwards to FARM.co) We learnt to love those seventeen characters! But we always searched for options to have an easier, shorter and more concise name. We were lucky enough to be following the .co evolution, and how it became a suitable option for creative endeavors and startups. As soon as we realized farm.co was free we had to get it!

2. How long has Farm.co been up and running?

We finished the process in September 2012. While it’s still early to analyze the impact on our brand, we believe the four letter domain can help us shape a stronger, future-proof brand on international markets.

3. Did you buy this domain through an aftermarket service or was this domain hand registered?

We bought it through Sedo.

4. Are you or will you apply to be listed in the business directory of go.co?

We’re listed. In fact one of the deal breakers for us was the go.co team culture and customer care. Since the very first day we showed some interest in the domain they jumped offering great consultancy, deals, and brand exposure. We’re part of their directory and we’ve been featured at go.co’s homepage. We look forward to seeing the community grow!

5. I saw that you have a hiring link on Farm.co. Can you share with us what positions you have available?

We’ll triple our team during 2013, so we’re looking to cover different positions and eager to meet new talents. Our HQ is in Madrid, Spain, and our core production team is in our southern offices of Montevideo, Uruguay. But we’re used to telecommuting and part of our crew works remotely from Europe and the US. We’re interested in finding web designers, front-end developers, rails / symfony / laravel / iphone developers, UX experts and email marketing champions.

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