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Welcome to TNTNames.com!

TNTNames.com is the new #1 source for premium domain name sales.  Stay updated through our informational blog and the daily list of available domain names and Expiried domains that you do not want to miss!

My name is David Eccles and I have been domaining for over 6 years.  I am a former US Army vet, devoted family man, and an IT professional in Windows Administration and Computer Security. I have spent a great deal of time and effort researching domain names and through my exhaustive research, experience and extensive portfolio of over 950 domain names, I have a unique and trusted skill-set to predict the direction the domain name industry is headed.  My background and work experience has given me a very solid base to focus on the technological trends of the internet.  All these factors combine to make TNTNames.com your best source for acquiring valuable domain names on the internet.

Look for my first blog post in the coming days, while we continue to work hard to finalize the website.  Please feel free to comment as your input would be invaluable for our development. While we value your constructive criticisms, we do ask to keep your comments respectable.

There is a submit button in the top menu bar on our site.  By clicking this button, you can send us domain submissions for our site and our newsletter. Please understand that while I will not be able to accept all domain names, we are eager to do everything we can to help you make your domaining or internet based business the best it can be.
For our end we only require a 10% commission of all domain sales that we handle through TNTNames.com.

As well as selling domain names for other businesses, we also have an
Available Domains selection on our menu where you will find some of the best available domain names throughout the internet.  The list will be updated periodically to keep our customers abreast of any new opportunities that could help them compete with all of their potential competitors… and WIN!

Through the site you will be able to directly register the names with
Godaddy, as we are a trusted affiliate.  You can also submit your domain name to be in our “featured” domain section for an unparalleled amount of exposure to our network of potential buyers.

Again we welcome you to TNTNames.com and wish you the best of luck in your domaining future. We are here to help, so if you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to submit them through our contact form.  Again, welcome to the internet’s all new domain name marketplace – TNTNames.com.


The TNTNames.com Staff!

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