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What are you Waiting for?

The CEO of Ketmo.com Scott Alliy, has officially lost his mind and his mental lapse is a fantastic opportunity for domain investors looking to get a large discount on one or more great domain names. Scott is offering an additional 10% discount off over 2500 specially marked domain names listed at his company domain reseller KetMo.com.

To grab the savings get the best price that you negotiate on any name containing the 10% discount logo and then take an extra 10% off the price that you have negotiated and they accepted, Http://www.KetMo.com! Here is a message that Scott released to all current members at KetMo.com today!

Those members that have been lurking and wanting to own the perfect domain name you have seen listed at KetMo.com this is your chance to grab it and save money at the same time.. Warning: the 10% discount image viewable on select discounted domain names says “Limited Time offer” … That is exactly what it means. The moment I come to my senses the ad and the discount disappears and the money you could be putting in your pocket comes off the table. So what are you waiting for? Get Shopping and Get Saving before this fantastic 10% off domain names sale and your savings opportunity disappears.

So TNTnames readers here is your chance to pick up those GTLD domains or any of thousands of great domain names that are listed on Ketmo.com! Also don’t forget to get your entry in on the Ketmo/TNTnames.com Contest we announced yesterday and get your chance to WIN $100!


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