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What would you do with $550,000,000?

Well we have a new record for the highest Powerball Jackpot in History. I bought 10 tickets today and I know I am not going to win but wanted to have a little fun with it. I will list the 10 things that I would do with $550 Million Dollars. Well first I would take the cash out option which will only be a measly $360.2 million dollars. Well let’s cut to the chase here is what I would do with it…

1. Donate $100 Million to charity. Most would go to my favorite charity Autism Speaks. http://www.autismspeaks.org/
2. Help change the world to make it a better place.

3. Open up a trust fund for my son and future daughter. (Due date March 30, 2013)

4. Buy a his and hers Range Rover for my wife and I, and maybe a Lamborghini or two.

5. Buy a mansion or two. One in South Florida and one in New York.

6. Buy the following domains which may total $50 million or so. (Sex.com, Hotels.com, Slots.com, CreditCards.com and Social.com and maybe depending on how I feel Casinos.com and Slots.com.) That should guarantee some income while I spend all of the money I will be winning. lol

7. Give $50 million to my friends and family. Most to my immediate family, My Mom, Dad and Sister.

8. See the world.

9. Buy a Yacht.

10. Pay taxes on it. 🙂

11. Oh yeah I almost forgot, Have the best Christmas ever!

So I want to know what you, our readers would do with it. Below post what you would do with the money. Let’s assume you have already given to charity and to your family. I want to see what domains you would buy or if you would start your own business… Let’s have some fun!

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