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What’s In a Name? Multiple Domain Names Listed for Sale Including RedWine.com, HighHeels.com, RedCarpet.com and Credit.co.uk


SurfMyAds.com, Inc. announces the listing of RedWine.com, HighHeels.com, RedCarpet.com and Credit.co.uk for sale.

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) September 18, 2013

Today SurfMyAds.com, Inc. announced the listing of RedWine.com, HighHeels.com, RedCarpet.com and Credit.co.uk for sale. Domain names are often sold in multi-million dollar deals; for instance, Hotels.com reportedly sold for $11 million in 2001, making it apparent how much value business owners see in brand-relevant generic domain names.

While the value in a domain name may not seem as tangible as investments such as physical property, high-level general domains can establish credibility, branding, a competitive advantage and higher search engine rankings.

Without an appropriate and user-friendly domain name, a business will not realize its maximum potential, as online consumers prefer an experience that is fast, easy and has the fewest barriers to entry. If a website name is too long, obscure or not brand-relevant, consumers will have a hard time finding it both through search engines as well as organically.

“After owning some of the most valuable generic domain names for several years, SurfMyAds.com has decided to release some of its inventory,” said Alexis Caldwell, Vice President of Global Partnerships for SurfMyAds.com. “Generic domain names such as these can be a priceless asset for businesses looking to attract customers.”

Redwine.com, HighHeels.com, RedCarpet.com and Credit.co.uk offer mass appeal based on how simple, memorable and to the point they are for businesses in relevant sectors. Likewise, all four domain names for sale already receive type-in traffic, proving consumer interest already exists.

Caldwell added, “We expect these domain names will command a seven-figure sales price due to the intrinsic value they bring to businesses in each of the respective verticals.”

List of Domain Names Offered for Sale:

The domain names offered for sale represent key industries with great success in the online space.

Redwine.com – The second most valuable domain after wine.com, this descriptive name is a great addition for leading wine merchants and others in the industry.

HighHeels.com – Perfectly named for high-heeled shoe enthusiasts, this domain organically attracts visitors to the site.

RedCarpet.com – A great addition to companies in the entertainment vertical, this site already sees a high volume of type-in traffic from web surfers all over the world. Particularly during award show season, this domain sees a spike in traffic.

Credit.co.uk – This is one of the most valuable, short and easy-to-remember domain names in the financial sector. It has a lot of potential for UK-based financial industries to generate leads for credit card applications, loans and banking accounts.

Offers can be submitted to domain(at)surfmyads(dot)com. Please include company information and the domain name in which you are interested. Serious offers will be responded to and only seven-figure offers will be accepted.

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