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Whois® releases Android App to find great names.

Machine Learning makes it easy to get a great name.
Whois® app is a powerful suite of naming and business discovery tools.

Perfect for creating new names for companies and businesses as it checks the availability of the new names across the multiple relevant domain name extensions relevant to your ideas.

The Whois® Discovery Tool features 3 distinct query types.

The Domain Discovery tab is where you type in two words that are closely related to your idea or business concept and our proprietary discovery engine creates a list of the available domain name suggestions in real time.

The ABR tab holds a multi faceted tool that accepts name and number input to give you the company name, business name and Australian Business register(ABR) details for an Australian Business Name(ABN) or Australian Company Name (ACN).

The WHOIS tab holds our domain details area, where you input a domain name and query both WHOIS domain ownership and DNS details.

When you download the Whois® Discovery Tool from Whois Pty Ltd., you’re also supporting an Australian company and Australian Developers.

✓ Domain Discovery Tool
✓ ABN, ACN, ABR tool.
✓ DNS lookup to check DNS and mail records
✓ Whois – information about domain name ownership

Download directly from the Google Play Store:


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