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Why .net is no longer the second best domain extension

Today: How much domain exposure matters / Your Domaining Profits… / DNS propagation / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

.Golf domain names – Share and compare your .golf domain investing notes with other .golf investors. Do you play golf too or just investing in the new gTLD?

Buying LLLL .com portfolios – Do you have a four letter .com portfolio or sale? How does $5,000.00 sound for it? Check these investors specified criteria to see if your portfolio qualifies for five grand.

.Lawyer domain names – Are you investing in .lawyer domain name? What are your best ones? Discuss and share your best .lawyer domains with other like-minded investors.

Your Domaining Profits… – What exactly o you do with your domain investment profits? Do you put aside a percentage to reinvest from every sale, reinvest the whole thing, or spend it on something else?

DNS propagation – Can someone please explain the DNS propagation process for new investors?

How much domain exposure matters – A lot of people say that as long as you have a public email and a great domain name the buyers will find you. But, is that really true? Do investors not need any extra exposure to speed up the process?

Why .net is no longer the second best domain extension – Can someone verify this opinion, that .net isn’t as good as .org and no longer the second best domain extension to invest into?

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