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Why people invest in 6-number domain names

Today: All the TLDs listed with launch dates / Sold ContractorSelect.com for $29,888 / Are all TLDs created equal? My thoughts / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Buying 2 word & 3-word .coms – Be sure to check your portfolio to see if you have one of these domain assets. This investor is ready to buy what you have that fits their specified criteria.

.CA To Be Released (TBR) Weekly Picks for April 11 – Do you think that the .ca ccTLD has lost value in today’s markets? Share your research data with other .ca investors and what the weekly pics are for the last cream of the crop.

.world vs .global – Is .world or .global the better new gTLD investment? Which one do you invest more into and why? See what other domain investors think of these two new gTLD extensions.

All the TLDs listed with launch dates – Is this information you would find helpful? Do you know when most of the TLDs (Legacy and new) launched? share your knowledge to help complete the list of TLD launch dates.

Are all TLDs created equal? My thoughts – What side of the fence do you fall on? Are some new gTLDs better than others? Are new and legacy TLDs equal? What makes you think that you’re right and others are wrong?

Sold ContractorSelect.com for $29,888 – Wow! A five-digit two word (16 characters) domain name sales report. This is the stuff that gets us motivated in the morning.

Why people invest in 6-number domain names – Are you a six number domain investor? What draws you towards them as viable investments? Compare notes with other six number domain investors to see why they chose the same niche as you.

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