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Why you should visit a place before investing in Geo Domains

Today: Swedish, Danish or Norwegian Domainer Meet-up / Item.com sold for $102k / SEKT.com Sold for $26,415 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

CVCV / VCVC / VCCV .COMS wanted – If you’re looking to sell off some of your four letter .com’s for quick cash, this may be your opportunity. This buyer is ready to spend up to $400.00 per domain that meets their criteria.

4 Types of .COM Domains Wanted (Solutions, Supply, Marketing, or Design) – Be sure to doube check your domain portfolio for one of these four niche domain name assets. This investor is ready to buy for up to $200.00 per domain.

Buird.com – Is that a pronounceable domain name? It may also be brandable. However, with today’s domain markets, what do you think the value of it is?

SEKT.com Sold for $26,415 – Who said that four letter .com’s are losing value and falling back? This four letter .com domain sales report has something different to say.

Swedish, Danish or Norwegian Domainer Meet-up – Are you in Sweden, Denmark, or Norway and wanting to meet up with other like-minded domain investors? This is your chance.

Item.com sold for $102k – Wow! Someone just put $102,000.00 in their pocket today. Nothing like a dix figure sale to get you motivated in the mornings.

Why you should visit place before investing in Geo Domains – Are you a geo domain name investor that has never visited the place you invested into? I bet there are few things you may not have considered since you don’t know the region personally.

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