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Wordnik Releases New Recommended Content Product for Publishers!

I have recently implemented a new plugin called Wordnik on TNTNames.com and I can say I am impressed! I recommened if you run a content based site or a blog then you should give it a try. It has greatly increased traffic to TNT by showing my blog posts on other relevant blogs. So when your finished with a story or blog post you will see some pictures with headlines at the botton of that blog which will connect other blogs to your story. I have added Wordnik’s press release below so you can learn about what this Plugin is. Let us know if your using it or if you plan to add it to your site!

World’s largest online dictionary taps its ‘Word-Powered’ technology to create related content by Wordnik; new product helps publishers increase reader engagement and boost traffic.

San Mateo, Calif., (PRWEB) December 05, 2012


Wordnik, creator of the world’s largest online dictionary, today announced the open beta release of its new product, Related Content by Wordnik. Built with Wordnik’s patent-pending ‘word-powered’ technology, Related Content by Wordnik brings relevant content to web audiences and surfaces additional content for publishers. Now available as a WordPress plug-in or a JavaScript snippet, the product can be installed for free on virtually any site including static sites and major blogging platforms.

Based on Wordnik’s proprietary word graph and natural language processing technology, Related Content by Wordnik identifies connections between related pieces of content and recommends the most relevant posts to readers. The product, using its proprietary algorithms, analyzes essential parts of a website page or blog post, including the tags, title, categories, and body. It then surfaces and displays related pages with similar content. Related posts, videos, and articles from a publisher’s own site or from other websites in the Wordnik partner network are delivered as links for readers.

“Related Content by Wordnik does a great job of crawling our site to display relevant content in an aesthetically pleasing turnkey product, that we found increases time on site and page views and provides a more engaging user experience overall,” said Ari Cox, publisher of Sub5Zero, a blog dedicated to high-performance cars. “Wordnik has succeeded for us where other content discovery services have failed.”

Through its network of thousands of sites, Related Content by Wordnik increases readers’ exposure to site content and boosts traffic. Publishers gain access to a wider selection of content from partner sites that they can share with their existing visitors. Publishers also attract new visitors when their content is linked to via partner sites. Searchable links (indexable by search engines) also help drive traffic to publishers’ sites by improving page rankings in search results.

“The word graph technology we built to power Wordnik’s community was designed to find and highlight relevant examples as an element of our word definition search,” said Tony Tam, CEO, at Wordnik. “This same technology is extremely useful in helping publishers attract new visitors with interesting content and keep them engaged longer. With Related Content by Wordnik, we’re providing publishers with a powerful product to share additional relevant information that their readers are more likely to click on and as a result, spend more time exploring a site. The publishers in our network are experiencing up to 10% click-through rates.”

The following features and benefits are included in Related Content by Wordnik:

Multiple display options – Related links can be displayed at the end of each post in a vertical list or horizontal rows.
Thumbnail images – Related Content features standardized, high-quality thumbnail images for its links.
Fast results – Content is indexed externally and delivered asynchronously to eliminate any lag on page load.
Responsive design – Links borrow the style and design of the host site and are displayed in a natural and attractive way.
Analytics – Weekly report details user interactions and critical usage information like the number of visits and most popular recommendations.
HTML5 – HTML5-based and fully customizable with standard web techniques.

Pricing and Availability:
Related Content by Wordnik is free and available now in open beta. For more information or to install the product, please visit


About Wordnik
Wordnik helps consumers zero in and fully understand words and content in context. Through its patent-pending ‘word-powered’ technology, Wordnik prioritizes the most relevant content for readers and helps publishers increase traffic and website engagement. Wordnik’s team includes experts in search engine architecture, social networking, machine learning, computational linguistics and lexicography. For more information, visit

http://www.wordnik.com or https://related.wordnik.com; or follow us on Twitter @RCbyNik.

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