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.XYZ Celebrates 2 Years as the #1 New Domain

The World’s Most Popular New Domain Showcases Adoption in over 220 Countries in 2 Years

10:30 ET from XYZ

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — .xyz, the world’s most popular new domain ending, celebrated its 2 Year Anniversary today. Many of the best known registrars worldwide, including Namecheap, Uniregistry, and GoDaddy, are all offering .xyz domains starting at 2¢ today and 22¢ for the remainder of June in honor of the domain’s second birthday.

As the domain ending for every website, everywhere, .xyz has been adopted by individuals and businesses in every part of the world. Best known use cases include HBO’s “Silicon Valley” (Hooli.xyz), Deloitte (Exponentials.xyz), Rx Networks (Fathom.xyz), and Image Publishing’s “Gadget Magazine” (GadgetDaily.xyz). In all, over 3 million .xyz domains have been registered in over 220 countries. More featured .xyz websites can be found at www.gen.xyz/live.

“.xyz gives entrepreneurs and startups an international platform to innovate online. As the ending of the alphabet, .xyz has become the natural go-to domain ending for the next generation of internet users,” said Daniel Negari, CEO of XYZ. “To further our mission of creating choice and competition, our retail partners are hosting one of the biggest sales in internet history so that anyone can register TheirName.xyz, TheirBusiness.xyz, or even thousands of Keywords.xyz to build an enterprise for an unprecedented price.”

The company’s anniversary follows the news of .xyz successfully passing ICANN technical testing for the Chinese market, paving the way to be one of the first registries outside of China to become accredited. Once accredited, registrants in China will be able to host websites on their .xyz domains.

“As an emerging internet market, China has become an integral part of .xyz’s business – even though customers can’t even use their domains yet,” said Negari. “I expect .xyz’s popularity to skyrocket upon accreditation. With over 120 million .com domains registered compared to less than 4 million .xyz, there is tremendous room for growth.”

About XYZ
XYZ is the registry operator of the world’s most popular new domain, .xyz, as well as .College, .Rent, .Security, .Protection, and.Theatre. Throught a joint venture, the company also offers some of the internet’s most valuable real estate ending in .Cars, .Car, and .Auto.

Founded in 2011 with offices in Las Vegas and Santa Monica, XYZ is led by CEO and Founder Daniel Negari.

Shayan Rostam



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