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PetHotels.com Is Now Up For Auction – FindYourDomain.com and NameJet.com Offer Premium Travel Domain

A highly desirable domain name targeting the lucrative pet accommodations market, PetHotels.com, is now being auctioned by NameJet.com. Pethotels.com is currently set to go to auction in 5 days and has a high bid of $36,866 with 321 bidders! Los … Continue reading

FX.co sells for $50k on Sedo! .CO off to a good start for 2013!

.CO is off to a great start for 2013 with some big sales. Some of these sales may have occurred in 2012 but are being reported this week. All of the following .co sales were through Sedo.com. FX.co sold at … Continue reading

Robin Gupta Launches the Fastest Bulk Domain Authority Checker Tool for the SEO Community

This tool checks Domain Authority, Page Rank, IP Address an Alexa Rank. For those who do not know what Domain Authority is here is the definition. Domain Authority: The number of root domains which link to different pages on your … Continue reading

Network Solutions Hosting Down for the Count!

If any of you guys are using Network Solutions for you hosting provider it looks like it will be another 4-6 hours before your sites will be back up. So far from their Facebook updates the hosting has been down … Continue reading

Lawyers.com Radio Podcast covers Domain Name Hijacking.

Thought I would share this with you guys. Pretty interesting stuff. This is a podcast that Lawyers.com radio ran on Jan 4th 2013. If you would like to read the transcript it is at the following link. http://blogs.lawyers.com/2013/01/domain-name-hijacking-podcast/

How to Find out how many Whois Searches there have been on your Domains. + Some Portfolio Tips!

I have had a large number of domainers ask me questions about how do I keep track of my domains. At one point I had over 900 domain names but today I have about 615. I am only keeping domains … Continue reading

JM Bullion Acquires Silver.com for $875,000 in Third-Largest Domain Sale of 2012!

JM Bullion has announced their acquisition of Silver.com, coming in as the third-largest public domain sale of 2012 with a $875,000 purchase price. Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 03, 2013 After benefiting from explosive growth in 2012, JMBullion.com rang in the … Continue reading

Flippa.com Announces Inaugural Flippie Awards!

San Francisco, CA and Melbourne, AUS (PRWEB) January 02, 2013 Flippa.com, the #1 marketplace for buying and selling websites, has launched its first annual Flippie Awards, kicking off 2013 by honoring some of the best sites sold in 2012. Nominated … Continue reading

Have you guys heard about that Godaddy Groupon Deal yet? lol.

For real I am just kidding. If this isn’t funny then I don’t know what is. Its always a good idea to have a little fun when the domaining blog guys are in spin cycle. I will agree there has … Continue reading

FreshDirect.com has a “Renewal Issue” causing 13 Hour “Domain” outage.

So I was listenting to the radio tonight to hear this story about an online Grocery Store company which had a “Renewal Issue” with their domain name that has a revenue of $400 Million a year. They just so happen … Continue reading

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