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Guest Post – Andrea Logan – Ricks Blog Review!

When the domain game breeze is to cold to point your face toward it. Look to RicksBlog.com Is your domaining pushing you further and further from success? Ricks impeccable knowledge, desire and passion are pretty breath taking. His thoughts, feelings … Continue reading

Godaddy and .CO’s Game Changer!

The .CO Godaddy Commercial is making headlines eveyrwhere. From domainer blogs to the Main Stream Media. The Main Stream Media gets it too. This is some great news for all domainers and .co. I have confirmed that the commercial released … Continue reading

Guest Post: Andrea Logan – TheArtoftheName.com Blog Review!

We want to thank Andrea Logan for writing this guest post! Keep an eye out for some more reviews by Andrea in the near future! Guest Post: Andrea Logan – TheArtOfTheName.com Blog Review: If you haven’t been to www.TheArtOfTheName.com I … Continue reading

Godaddy.co Releases 2013 Superbowl Commercial!

What’s your big idea? Register it with GoDaddy.CO and who knows – you could end up on private jet, sipping champagne! Register #YourBigIdea at http://GoDaddy.CO For more info on the commercial check out YourBigIdea.co

Protrada’s Free Domain Trading for Profits Webinar!

Protada’s Is offering a free webinar on domain Trading for Profits! If you missed last nights Webinar don’t worry there is another one Jan 30th at 8:00 PM CST. Signup link is below Attend the webinar and you will learn … Continue reading

Is Netcomber a Whois on Steroids?

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) January 24, 2013 Ex Google Organic Search Employee Launches Online Intelligence Tool, NetComber Today, former Google search quality employee Andre Weyher has launched netcomber.com, a service that exposes hidden relationships between websites and link networks. Search engines … Continue reading

Escrow.com changes transaction time periods due to customer complaints.

Escrow.com has changed some time periods for transactions that take too long. Here is their facebook update that was posted minutes ago. New rules below! Escrow.com has changed our time periods since we had customers complain that we held transactions … Continue reading

TNTnames.com Roller Coaster ride with Godaddy Hosting this week.

You may have noticed some 503 errors that have been plaguing TNTnames.com for about a week. 503 errors means there are too many database connections (Over godaddy’s limit and my current hosting plans limit). It mostly happens during down hours … Continue reading

WiiU.com goes up for auction, Could hold a heavy price for the winner.

Today I found a domain name via SnapNames.com that you might want to stay away from. WiiU.com. I am not sure if the winner of this auction will be able to get away with owning this domain or not. WiiU … Continue reading

Press Releases and your Business.

Press releases are curious things. At least according to Google. There are 1.3 billion search queries in a clean search (incognito) on Google. If you’re “feeling lucky” as Google suggests, you might find out what they are or how they … Continue reading

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