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Pinterest Launches all new Secret Boards!

I am an active Pinterest user and enjoy it alot. I have created a board called My Favorite Websites (Which mostly have my developed sites) and a Domaining Board that generates some traffic especially when someone else “repinns” it. I … Continue reading

Say it Aint So.

This is just sad. So Google is telling us that a very popular political search term in the few weeks before the election was “Who is Running for President” So that is telling us the alot of US population was … Continue reading

Rolio Combines Real-time Content from The Net with Social Media in Free Web App!

You can sign up for the already customized domaining feed here and it will automatically have all the domain related feeds already added for you here: https://www.rolio.com/?uc=1152 Its really cool. Basically anything that has do with domaining will show up … Continue reading

Wow! That’s Big Time!

I have taken this story from FoxNews.com which got it from the Wall Street Journal. Although I cannot find the original story it is very interesting and I thougth I would bring it to you guys… Here is the link … Continue reading

TNTNames.com Awesome Announcement!

TNTnames.com is happy to announce our New Domaining Newsletter! The Newsletter is now customized to fit the theme of TNTnames.com! The newsletter will consist of two things. First TNTNames.com will be posting our latest stories and second we will also … Continue reading

“Right Of The Dot™ (ROTD) teams up with Escrow.com™ to provide Neutral Auction & Mediation Resolution for gTLD String Contention”

Domain Name consultants RightOfTheDot, LLC, announce today their independent private auction resolution and mediation services for competing gTLD applicants. RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA November 1, 2012 Source: www.rightofthedot.com Hot on the heels of ICANN’s welcome announcement of the drawing process, … Continue reading

300 of the most active Namejet Pre Releases for 11/1/2012

I have just compiled the latest list of NameJet’s most active Pre-Releases for early November 2012! There are 300 domains in the list and most goto auction within the next week. Some goto auction by 8pm tonight. Let us know … Continue reading

.CO Sales for October 2012!

Thanks for checking out TNTNames today! .Co domains continue to sell at pretty decent prices in October. These do not count the unreported sales which there are plenty of those. I do believe that .Co domain names will countine to … Continue reading

Godaddy will be auctioning off 42 one and two character .org domains!

Godaddy is auctioning off 42 one and two character .org domains! You can sign up through the godaddy auctions page and there is a banner ad at the top. They are asking for your first and last name and your … Continue reading

The Fastest Growing Domain Extension in Europe .ME is Gaining Popularity World-Wide

This article was released by the .ME registry today. Some awesome news for you .ME owners out there! You can find the original press release here: http://www.domain.me/on-the-horizon-of-icanns-release-of-new-tlds-me-remains-the-choice-of-the-people NEW YORK, N.Y. & PODGORICA, Montenegro, Oct. 25, 2012 – As the Internet … Continue reading

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