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November’s .CO sales report. .CO sales remain strong!

There again some strong .CO sales for the month of November. So I would say that November has been a great month for .co. First off there was some big news about two .co names making the news. First off … Continue reading

Don’t Get Scroogled this holiday season!

So Bing has launched a huge advertising campaign. I just saw the commercial about their new slogan “Don’t get Scroogled” I thought the commercial was funny. The premise behin “Don’t get Scroogled” is that if you search for products on … Continue reading

Hoax website saying NASA’s Mars Rover found plastic on Mars Causes a Stir!

So there was some speculation that the Mars Rover found something on Mars that prooves their was or is life on Mars. The speculation began on Nov. 20, when Curiosity chief scientist John Grotzinger of Caltech in Pasadena told National … Continue reading

Domain Wars: South America vs. Amazon.com

Domain wars: South America vs. Amazon.com Brazil and Peru are fighting Amazon.com Inc. to relinquish a domain name they say belongs to their jungle. By Simeon Tegel GlobalPost LIMA, Peru — In the latest battle over coveted web domain names, … Continue reading

Is Something Fishy Going on Here?

Here are my questions. many bloggers have been running stories about .auto and .food amongst what they claim are all of the NGTLD’s.. This just seems fishy to me. Question #1. How can you pre-register .whatever domains without even knowing … Continue reading

What would you do with $550,000,000?

Well we have a new record for the highest Powerball Jackpot in History. I bought 10 tickets today and I know I am not going to win but wanted to have a little fun with it. I will list the … Continue reading

Thotz.co Unviels Best Way to See the Cloud!

The .CO namespace countinues to attract companies! Here is some more great news for .CO! It seems more and more ofthese stories are popping up every week. I will continue to believe in .CO. Stay tuned for more great news … Continue reading

New Domain Name Marketplace Opens Up Opportunities For Internet Businesses!

According to a press release, DotBuyer.com has launched an all new domain marketplace. I like the design and it seems easy to use. Good luck to these guys! I will be listing some of my domains as its free and … Continue reading

Don’t breakout the Cheetos or Goldfish just yet!

TNTnames.com sold, Legalize.co to domain investor, Kevin Faler for an undisclosed amount of money. Kevin came up with a mastermind plan to form a marijuana movement modeled after norml.org in effort to inform U.S. residents on the law as it … Continue reading

FindYourDomain.com Announces the Sale of High-Value Domain Names!

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 21, 2012 FindYourDomain.com has partnered with NameJet.com, the leading domain marketplace, to provide an exclusive list of 200+ domain names that will be sold in an online auction event. The auctions will take place on … Continue reading

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