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The Big ICANN Announcement. Important info so you can be the first to hear the news. Please read.

After reading more into the big ICANN announcment tomorrow we need to know a few things. First of all this announcement will be located in London. We need to make note of the times for everyone in the US. According … Continue reading

Everything you need to know about the New gTLD’s

I found this today on the ICANN site. Be sure to check out their site as ICANN will be Streaming Live. (So we have heard) Here is where you can get the announcement tomorrow: http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/application-results Not sure if anyone else … Continue reading

PETA launches PETA.xxx

PETA.xxx is now live and has many disturbing videos including Ron Jeremy playing a harmonica. PETA’s slogan for the site is “To much sex can be a bad thing, Have your cats and dogs spayed and neutered.” Here is what … Continue reading

Google releases “Hot Searches”

According to Google’s Facebook post today about 30 minutes ago, they have release a new service called “Hot Searches” Here is what Google says about it: We’ve just introduced an update to Google Hot Searches – an hourly list of … Continue reading

Our thoughts on the New GTLD’s and where its going.

OK for the last few years I have been talking to certain domainers on the phone and via email about the New GTLD’s. We have been up and down over whats going to happen. We here at TNTNames.com have decided … Continue reading

I was trying to buy a domain and it backfired on me….

In addition to my work as a domainer and an IT professional, I am also a DJ. I specialize in Techno, Breakbeats, Electro House and Dubstep. I also occasionally play top 40 music, but only when it pays well at … Continue reading

Interesting Investments from the Stock Market and Domaining.

OK I am totally a newbie in investing in the stock market, but recently I made some extra cash domaining and said why not give it a try. I had heard a few things while looking around on the net … Continue reading

The Tree I See Interactive Story for the iPhone and iPad. 100% of proceeds is donated to Autism Speaks.

One of my good friends has created an educational iPhone, iPad app that is an interactive story for children. I have decided to help him spread the word about this awesome app! I have a 4 year old son that … Continue reading

Some .co chatter hitting the streets. Does this mean something big may be on its way?

Finally there is some .co news hitting the streets. This may be a sign of some possibly big news to come out in the next few days/weeks. This is only speculation but given how quiet the .co scene has been, … Continue reading

Sedo’s Great Domains Auction heats up with only 28 hours left!

With only about 24 hours left in Sedo’s Great Domains Auction for April there are already some huge bids on some great domains. If you read our earlier story we have one domain in the auction – CloudBasedServers.com. And, while … Continue reading

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