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Is This the End of Internet Radio?

I found this email a little strange from the owner of Pandora Radio tonight and felt I needed to share with you my thoughts on it. I am a total advocate of making sure artists are paid the compensation they … Continue reading

Facebook Domainers Selling Like Crazy!

There are a lot of domainers that are a part of and post in the Facebook Domain groups every day. I have met almost all of my domaining friends in these groups and think they are great. I really do … Continue reading

TNTNames.com announces new service. Domain Finding Service!

I have had a ton of calls and emails asking me to find a domain with certain criteria for a number of businesses. I have added a new service to TNTNames.com called “Domain Finding Service.” We have been pretty¬†successful¬†in helping … Continue reading

Domainers being threatened by Terrorists?

Yesterday a domainer from Pakistan had made some death threats to about 50 people on Facebook by tagging them on a post that is rather disturbing. It obviously has to deal with the recent protests against the YouTube movie called … Continue reading

Should New GTLD Owners have dedicated Search Engines? Search.xxx may be hinting toward… that.

So the ICM Registry announced today in an email that Search.xxx will be arriving on September 27th 2012. I have a few questions about it. Will it be run via a Google Search Engine or is this an internal Search … Continue reading

Calling on you for help.

How is everyone doing this morning? We have been very busy here at TNTNames the last few days trying to find a domain for a start up company that wants to start a private family social network. At this juncture … Continue reading

Interesting Website Updates for TNTNames.com

Well it looks like TNTNames.com is rapidly pulling ahead in traffic rank. We couldn’t have done it without you guys! We want to thank all of our readers for the awesome comments and for visiting tntnames.com on a daily basis. … Continue reading

TNTNames.com Milestone!

Thanks for checking us out again. In my last post I promised I would announce when TNTNames.com reached 20,000 hits. As of right now we have reached this cool milestone. As of August 11th @ 4:18 CST we have had … Continue reading

TNTNames.com moving up in the world! Becoming more well rounded.

Good morning everyone! Its almost Friday!! I hope this blog post finds you well. Well alot has happened to TNTNames.com in the last few weeks. We have been recently nominated into the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2012 Domain Blog of the Year! We … Continue reading

Time to get personal.

Thank you all for visiting TNTNames.com today. We hope you are a fan or will be a fan of us. I wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate you reading our blog. Our official launch was April 16, … Continue reading

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