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SparkProgram.org Sold for $11,550

Today: 321.co Evaluation / One word .com Wanted – Budget $200 / Appraisal of Taxtools.net / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

321.co Evaluation – How much would you say this three digit domain is worth in today’s market? I personally like this domain even with the dot co but I don’t see it having actually value though.

One word .com Wanted – Budget $200 – They are looking for a brandable domain name for a SAAS business. With a budget like that it may not be high value but best of luck to them.

Darma.com Sold for $15,750 – This name absolutely should have sold for more than the lower end of five figures. I think the seller should have held out.

Appraisal of Taxtools.net – Well everyone needs to do taxes right? How much do you think this could sell for?

Buying 3L.xyz – Budget $50/Domain – Check your domain names and see if you have what they are looking for. They are looking for multiple so you could get some weekend spending money in.

SparkProgram.org Sold for $11,550 – This two word dot org has some solid potential for the right client. It looks like they found one.

Today’s Marketplace Auction Picks:

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